Thursday, January 7, 2010

wig out

In one day.....

"Let me tell you a secret."
"I have wings that come out at night."

"Mrs. Yeo is definitely wearing a wig today."
"Her real hair isn't curly like that."

"Why are you crying?"
"He told me to stop pushing."
"Were you pushing?"
"Yeah but I stopped."

"Mrs. Yeo! Ethan keeps putting his fingers in his mouth!"
"Is it hurting you?"
*blank stare
Ethan: "I'm just cleaning them." Said while sticking fingers in his mouth.


TaraB said...

Oh Monica! That's precious! And maybe a bit taxing...?

Nicholas said...

this is the funniest thing i've read in a very long time. i especially like the accusations of your hair being fake.

( j i ) * said...

haha i love it!!

Miss Jehle said...

This makes me think it's been far too long since we've talked...if this was all in one day, I bet you have a wealth of other such gems.

I hope that these kids are not stealing your sanity or joy. Miss you, friend!

Rachel Keele said...

chelsea said...

YAY! I can't wait to have stories like that.

stella said...

Yeah!!! Finally!!!

Emily Star said...

hahaha i have an awesome picture of a little boy cleaning his fingers--and that's how this day is starting. haha

kessia reyne said...

Monica, this why people like you do what you do and people like me don't: you have a day and see the joy and the strange humor in those kids. Me? I'd probably quit before lunch. So I admire you (yeah!) and hope to get more days like this through your Mrs. Yeo eyes.

Ludine Ashley said...

that's just awesome.

I miss you monica!

Brittany said...

How cute! What a world you live in! Glad you can appreciate the humor in these little moments. :-)