Thursday, March 25, 2010

question: would you like to go to the moon?

I've translated some of the answers for you... this first grade writing took a while for me to get used to.

I wot to go to the moon becauv I havev bit to the moon. ( I want to go to the moon because I haven't been to the moon)

This man is an astronaut he is cool (picture of astronaut)

becas I wood fly.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa No the alyen is going to go to moon get me I Dont want to

I dont wont to go to the moon bekus I.m skerd. I will loos all my ogjin (oxygen) and die

cause it's cool and Interesting.

Becuces it miet bowns you to high. (Because it might bounce you too high)

Because you get to ickspllor (explore) on the moon. It will be fun on the moon because you can dance on the moon you can even do the moon walk it will be fun floting in space it is very fun.

I want to go ot the moon de cus. a lot of peoppe said trie are chees on the moon. (I want to go to the moon because a lot of people said try our cheese on the moon)

Because it is scarey and you mit loows your oxjine (might lose your oxygen)

Because you get to see all the planets.

It would be pretty.

if I got to go on the moon I would die